Never TOO Old

A good friend recommended Blogsy to me and when I came across a few other bloggers using it, I decided to give it a try. Why you ask?

First of all, I discovered it lets you work offline (like Windows) to create your post. Secondly, the insertion of pictures was a breeze! Finally, learning the editing features, although a tad tricky initially, was a bit of a challenge. Blogsy let's you drag and drop into a post, lets you place and size your photos and offers a wide array of editing techniques.

This will really be convenient for me when on vacation, on the road, hunting for barns, etc. and when I don't want to carry my laptop and just use my iPad.

I am trying it today for the first time, scheduling a post and playing the editing features.
Wish me luck...I am old, you know...:)


I use it and love it - still haven't scheduled a post successfully, but I will at some point :-)
Ann said…
I've never heard of it but I'll check it out
Willow said…
I'll have to read up more about Blogsy . Always good to learn new things. If my old dogs can learn new tricks, and they do, then so can I ;)
Meryl Baer said…
Thanks for the info. I will definitely check blogsy out.
JP, not sure whether you recall Grenville talking about how he uses Blogsy tore ate posts on the iPad when travelling. I use Live Writer to create off line at home on my desktop PC, but sadly there is no Mac version. Blogsy is only available for iPad so on the Mac notebook I use a program called Mars Edit which is not terribly convenient or easy. Hope that Blogsy works well for you.
MadSnapper said…
have not heard of this one, love the photo.
gtyyup said…
I'll have to check it out...never heard of it before...(me, in the dark woods most of the time!)
Candy C. said…
LOL!! I'm with gtyyup, new one for me! :)
Tina@WhatWeKeep said…
I wondered about it...will definitely give it a try! Would be nice to blog from my iPad when traveling.
Nice share!

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