Tapping Everywhere

One of many, many properties tapping the maples around here.  If you look closely, you can see how much liquid they've collected. 

 Just out of curiosity, we returned to the same spot a week later.  Apparently they'd emptied the first collection and began a second in this container as well as added another rain barrel plastic container.  There is nothing like fresh  maple syrup...a New England tradition!

Love finding new things in our neighborhood.


gld said…
I did some research earlier and find that all varieties of maples can be tapped....even my Red Maple and the Silver (soft) Maples. I have never heard of anyone here doing it. I wonder why?

I am too cheap to buy pure maple syrup! I should do it and see the difference.
I always wondered how they took the sap from the maple tree. This is amazing JP:
Can the syrup be used straight away, or is there a cooking process first.!
happy weekend
Anonymous said…
Very modern set up.
Unknown said…
I can't remember where it happened, but there was a news story a week or so ago about some people being reported by one of their neighbors, which led to being surrounded by the police until it was determined that their equipment was for the collecting of sap for the purpose of making maple syrup--not making meth out in the woods.
TexWisGirl said…
quite the operation!
Betty said…
Silly me...I never thought of that being done anywhere else except Vermont.
Ann said…
I've been seeing lots of buckets hanging on the trees around here. A few years ago my brother made his own maple syrup and it was good
I love maple syrup but I have never had fresh maple syrup. That would be a treat! : )
Jeanne said…
Oh seeing that makes me really want some of that Maple Syrup! What fun to tap your own trees and make your own
Candy C. said…
I saw the same news story as Jerry! LOL!!
I love maple syrup and after reading on blogs about how much work it takes to make it and how much sap is required to make a gallon of syrup, I love it even more! :)
MadSnapper said…
I had never had Maple syrup until I married my YANKEE 28 years ago. He had never had Cane Syrup, now i love Maple but it cost and arm and a leg and requires a second mortgage on the house for it. He does not and never will like Cane syrup. and I can't find it at all for any money. I did find and buy one bottle of fresh can syrup at the Civil war enactment and bought one and it to required a second mortgage.
once you start with picmonkey you might get addicted. i paid the 33 to get all the bells and whistles for a year

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