The Affair

Sometimes you go somewhere so frequently that it's almost as if you're having an affair with the place!  And I'm beginning to feel that way about a local garage that the Pres uses.  

Following the Pres to drop off the Diesel at the garage Wednesday morning, I drove him back home then hit the gym.  Although they hadn't called by the time I got home, the Pres expected work to be done on the power steering pump (or to fix a kinked hose).  That's what they had talked about.

Six hours later, they called.  Come to find out, the old Diesel needed a steering box which he okay-ed readily.  It wouldn't be ready until Thursday morning which was fine.  When I dropped the Pres off at the garage, he told me not to wait, "I'll see you home," he said shutting the car door.

You guessed it.  Home watching the weather, I was snug and enjoying my tea when he called to tell me that he'd be a little while longer as it was on the lift AGAIN!  They explained to him that it needs some front end work too...tie rod end and a couple of bearings.   That will be next week.

Affairs can be expensive!


Unknown said…
Alas, it may be time to haul him before Maury Povich.
TexWisGirl said…
laughing at the comment above. :)
MTWaggin said…
Gotta find a cheaper date! LOL
Ann said…
affairs can be complicated sometimes, or so I hear any way :)
gld said…
How true! I cringe when we take something to the garage...or have service people out here.
Candy C. said…
Dang, I HATE having to take the vehicles to the garage! It always seems to end up costing more than the original estimate.
A good post JP.
Expensive date!!!
My car came home from having oil change and new spark plugs and overhaul.. i will be getting the bill Friday.. always something to do on a car.
I see you still have snow.
Its cold here.
happy week
val xx

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