Under Pressure

After three Wilton Cake Decorating classes under my belt, I have begun dreaming about decorating!!  Does that mean I'm having fun or am I under pressure?  Why, you ask.

  For tonight's class, we have to bring cupcakes with filling of our choice and icing to decorate them.  I am relying on my new cupcake book that I won.  
 This I am looking forward to!  This is called fun!!!

However, the pressure is beginning to build.

Rhia's birthday was in January so she has to wait until next year.  She, my oldest grand-daughter, is the oldest of the three sisters.  I lucked out.

Kree is turning seven the beginning of March and had requested a chocolate cake with white frosting decorated with one flower.   The middle child, she never asks for much.  Her party is Saturday.  

Tess is turning six the beginning of April and has requested a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting decorated with a picture of her, her name, a picture of her best friend and her name.  I was told that they should be "holding hands and in the other hands holding flowers and that Shelby's hair is brown and to her shoulders."  She also wants the cake to be surrounded by cupcakes.  She is the youngest of the three sisters.

My son also has a birthday mid- March and although he originally wanted a "rain-forest" cake, he has changed his mind and wants something that his daughter, Mia (age 4) will get excited over.  He asked me to make a "princess cake...you know Mom, one with pink and purple flowers that Mia will like."  So, I'm making a "Princess Cake" with a Barbie doll in the middle!  Heaven help me!!!  However, my son is easy to please...:)

The Pres also has a birthday in March.  He doesn't really like cake but he's getting one anyway...something with pineapple filling he said.  

Then there's four birthdays in April...holy crap!

My daughter's birthday isn't until July.  She wants a cake decorated with "bouquets of roses"!!  She is the oldest of my two children and loves to put me under pressure!!  LOL!  

This is only the beginning, I fear!!

Here's the plan...

study my Wilton books




Oh, one more thing.

As of this writing I have seven containers of icings of various consistencies and colors in the frig, a dozen chocolate cupcakes ready for transport tonight, a chocolate layer cake torted and ready to ice, a yellow cake, also torted and ready to ice.  Today is only March 7th and I am under pressure!

And you thought I was going to say



Sharing my cupcakes with you and everyone at

Friendship Friday

(a pic I took after class)
Some were filled with a fluffy white creme
and others with a light cocoa creme filling
and they are DELICIOUS!!!!


Well dear JP:
you will sure be busy this month.
I can see you are enjoying it all.
looking forward to seeing more photos of the birthday cup cakes for your grandgirls and the other cakes.
take care
Candy C. said…
With all the birthdays coming up, you should be a pro by the end of April!!
Your son wanting a princess cake for his daughter cracks me up!
Your cupcakes look yummy, wish I had one with my coffee right about now. :)
Anonymous said…
OOOOOh so pretty. You will be well practiced up by October. Just in time for MY birthday. Now let me see....I want chocolate and....
MTWaggin said…
Holy crap is right. You are one amazing woman, I certainly couldn't pull all that off and would indeed be calling the bakery!
Ashling said…
You'll be on Cake Wars before you know it! It may be pressure, but sounds like fun pressure (the two aren't necessarily mutually exclusive). Enjoy!
gld said…
My MIL took those classes and made some wonderful cakes when the grands were young.

Be sure and take pictures.
Gail said…
My birthday's not until November so you have lots of time to practice.
Gina Gao said…
It seems like you have a lot of things on your plate this month.

Lol but its all fun right? Are you going to take level two?
Ann said…
wow, those are some orders you have to fill. Those cupcakes sure look good though
A couple of good books to have on hand. I took cupcake decorating (not Wilton though) and loved the 2 sessions. I did not get into filling the centres, sounds like a plan to try for my next batch.
Holy Crap is right and I think it is only the beginning!! :-) But I'm just wondering if there is any 'sampling' going on and if so, whose doing it? :-)
What a brave soul you are to tackle cake decorating!!! I attempted once to pipe some icing on cupcakes...then decided to leave that to the professionals! Ha! Good luck, hard work and much success with your endeavors!!!
Mary said…
Gosh, I think I gained five pounds just reading this! Your cupcakes look wonderful, and I'm sure you will be very graceful under all the pressure. :)

Thanks for contributing to Thursday's Inspiration. xoxo

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