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 A to Z Challenge 2013
Shadow Shot Sunday
Sunday Stills

Word sure got around about the A to Z Challenge for 2013 because here I am and today is day one!  Day one means the letter "A".  Arriving before Easter, we knew that for us Easter would be special!  However, we are on "Aruba time".  No, the time is the same as in CT.  It's the slow pace at which they move here...including their wifi!

My word for today is ARUBA which just happens to be where I am...:). Yes, sunny, balmy ARUBA!

An island in the Caribbean, Aruba is under Dutch rule and one of three islands located off the coast of Venezuela. Surrounded by the beautiful blue-green warm sea, it is known as "One Happy Island" with it's always smiling friendly people.

Vacationing here for years, the Pres and I have made many friends both with the locals and tourists such as ourselves. This year we are, once again, blessed to see our good friends from Holland (aka the Netherlands) who came to the states one year and spent a few days with us in Virginia! They want us to come to Holland to visit them...wouldn't that be awesome?!

Pictures are worth a thousand words and to go along with the few I've included are a few words of a popular tune...
"Aruba, Jamaica oh I wanna take ya Bermuda, Bahamas, come on pretty mama, Key Largo, Montego baby why don't we go...."


Anonymous said…
Nice start....sun, sand.... I almost feel like I was there.
Lucky girl. Have a great time.
Ann said…
I think I would feel like I was in heaven in a place like that.

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