E is for...

1.  Excited that our vacation in Aruba is underway!

2.  We both packed light and totally ENJOY relaxing poolside in the warm balmy sunshine.

3.  Our plane arrived as scheduled!

4.  I was VERY EXCITED to go to the Butterfly Farm to see my old friends who work there along with all the beautiful specimens they have. Wait until you see the pix!! 

5.  Somehow I feel this trip will be one of the BEST we EVER had!!

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of course, Arlee's

Oh, one more thing....EGRETS are found nearly everywhere here in Aruba.


Anonymous said…
I'm excited for you that you enjoyed your trip.
MadSnapper said…
enjoy... a wonderful place to be this time of year
MTWaggin said…
I cannot WAIT to see the Butterfly Farm photos!
Glad you and Joe are having a wonderful vacation, JP. We are now in PA for the last part of our Easter family visit road trip and will be back home by late Monday. We will return to RI in mid-June for grandson Bobby's kindergarten grad on June 13.
TexWisGirl said…
so glad you're having a good time. :)
Ann said…
Glad to hear that you are Enjoying yourself :)

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