Our friends left today to fly back to the Netherlands.  Diny, Menno, we hope you have a wonderful and safe trip home...and "now the monkey comes out of the sleeve!"


Anonymous said…
Hope they enjoyed their stay...safe journey.
Ann said…
wishing them a safe trip home
Anonymous said…
My hubby is Dutch and he comes from Nederland is proper name. Prov Friesland.

Leeuwarden . City

How did you meet your friends?

Oh he looks Dutch for sure with that wavey hair and smile.

Glad you had a nice time with them.

My hubbys cousin is a singer in Holland . His name is Jeerd. His dad was famous but many years has passed away. He was Rommy Henstra. Your friends may have heard of him. His funeral was held in the football stadium . As he had hundreds of fans. He was a beautiful singer with a beautiful voice. I am sure you skype with your friends. Are you both Dutch?
MTWaggin said…
F for friends and family, some of the best "fs" there are!

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