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Surrounded by the Caribbean, Aruba cherishes the OCEAN and what it gives the islanders.  While the first photo is from the rougher side of the island, the second is from the beach where our resort is.

The OCEAN that surrounds Aruba can be many things. It can be warm, blue and calm. It can be ferocious and life threatening. It can be soothing and nurturing. It can be destructive.

However, one thing that remains constant is the amazing sea life beneath that can be seen when snorkeling.  My snorkeling is only, however, in very calm waters because if in the choppy waters too long, I begin to feel seasick!

A few things seen by my daughter, Angel and the Pres on this trip were:

Angel Fish
Puffer Fish
Cuddle Fish
Sea Snake

Oh, me?  
Once I found out about the Sea Snake, I was glad I remained on shore!!!

Sharing yet another Aruban adventure with you and the


E. Beth. said…
you had such fun. loving these views. ( :

i agree about snakes swimming i found that out around here & i about peed my pants. i had no clue. not so sure about getting into any water nowdays. i must admit i check the toilet just to be sure ... hey, it never hurts, right??! ha. ha!!
Betty said…
I guess I didn't realize there were snakes in the ocean. One more reason for me to stay out! Beautiful, relaxing pictures.
Ann said…
I want to grab one of those lounges and stretch out right there on the beach
TexWisGirl said…
i get sea sick, too! takes the fun right out of snorkeling. :)
Unknown said…
I hate seasickness! Worst feeling in the world! But I love this picture- so relaxing! :D

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