Off and Running

The Pres and I are HOME!  We arrived late Thursday night and began a reality check on Friday morning.  As you all know I am so far behind on blogging and commenting because the last week we were in Aruba, I did not have internet access.  At first, I felt so disconnected. However, that didn't last long, I must admit.

The BEST thing about being HOME was to see my dogs!!!  Moon hasn't stopped kissing me and Copper, my head strong handsome man...was in my face and I loved every minute!!!  We walked and played on Friday but then it was laundry...laundry...laundry.  In between I baked a cake for Tess' belated birthday which is today...:)

Yesterday we went to celebrate my MIL's 89th birthday with the rest of the family and long time family friends so we got to visit with them all in one space which was great!!  Nearly everyone commented as to how well we both looked...well rested...calm...tan...very tan!  

So we're off today, leaving in a short while to be with Tess, who turned six while we were away.  We are heading to there house a little early so the Pres can fix one of their toilets.  Thank goodness he knows all the things he knows!!!

Oh, one more thing...
we have GRASS!!!!


Anonymous said…
Welcome home and yay for the grass. Now you'll have to keep it cut lol.
Ann said…
Welcome home. What a treat coming home to happy pups and grass
MTWaggin said…
Glad you are home and sounds like everyone (almost) is happy you are!
TexWisGirl said…
oh, yay for homecoming and happy pups!

happy birthday, tess!
Welcome home, JP and Joe, vacations are wonderful, catchup stuff like laundry is not and isn't it just beach water for fun and sun? Glad tonreadvthatbyounwere home to celebrate those important birthdays with family.
We are back home as of last Monday with lots of yard and house chores completed and an open house this Sat...hope it brings good news.
Glad you're home safely, and I'm glad all was well on your return--You can't beat the 'green grass of home!' :-)

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