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While walking early in the morning, I got to experience all the beauty before the beach was filled with people.

Rows of UMBRELLAs made from dried palm fronds in front of all the resorts along the beach.  

We enjoyed sitting in front of the polis (police) station where there was only a few umbrellas spaced father apart for two reasons.  One, we're not crowed by vacationers.  Two, we can to hang out with more of the locals!

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Chatty Crone said…
I like umbrellas being used for the sun! sandie
Inger said…
Lovely beaches and I'm sure the umbrellas were much appreciated.
Ann said…
what a beautiful beach.
Well you had a good spot!
Nina said…
I'd love to sink my bare feet to the soft sand - hearing the waves rolling softly in, and feeling the wind in my hair ... Thank you for sharing your scenery!

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