V is for...


In Aruba the unique marking of license plates is interesting. 

"V" is for VISITOR

"A" is for ARUBAN (the lower numbers indicate status and are sometimes purchased for big bucks as well as handed down to relatives!!)

"TX" is for TAXI

"B" is for BUS

I did also see the letter "D" on the Polis (Police) vehicles...but I'm not sure what it stood for.

Oh, one more thing.
All plates read


Sharing another fact about life on the island of Aruba with


Nancy C said…
"One Happy Island" -- I like that. :)
Interesting. Who knew plates could be so complex.
Unknown said…
Perhaps the D is for Duh.
Ann said…
what an interesting way to do their plates. I would assume that a D on a police car would stand for donuts :)

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