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Each year we've gone down to Aruba, we look for the remains of the old wreck.  It has broken up over the years.


You have to respect the water surrounding the island of Aruba.  There are no wells on the island.  All water used on the island is distilled at a plant near Baby Beach.  Water is very expensive in Aruba.


Aruba is renowned for it's constant breeze.  If you're fussy about your hair, don't go.  It suits me perfectly...:)

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I love wind off the ocean :-)
TexWisGirl said…
love the power in the waves!
Unknown said…
Oh, I think it would be too cool to go exploring on an old shipwreck.
Ann said…
I'm certain that I could deal with messy hair :)
Betty said…
Those are beautiful pictures!
Unknown said…
Beautiful pictures. You're so lucky to visit Aruba each year!

Have fun with the rest of a-z.
Interesting that they have no well and have to distill their water. : )

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