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I really tried to take a picture of the X~RAY machine that we walked through at the airport but the TSA looked me in the eye, raised their hand, shook their head and finger side to side indicating NO.  I was really bummed out about that too!!!

So, what I will share with you is another fact...not specific to Aruba...but specific to traveling with your digital camera.

"Many travelers worry that airport x-ray machines will damage their camera's memory or the memory cards. So far, there is little proof that airport x-ray screening machines can damage your camera's memory cards and images. The airlines often warn about damage to film from x-ray machines - not digital media.  

Rather than being worried about x-ray exposure, some believe that digital equipment is affected more by magnetic exposure, particularly to the magnetic hand-held wands and metal detectors. Some also believe that you should avoid the drive motors of conveyor belts by placing your camera far away from the beginning of the belt. 

If you are still worried about losing your images or damage to your camera, you can do the following for some peace of mind: 

  • Backup your images on compact disk before you head to the airport.
  • Take out your memory card and put it in your pocket. Make sure the memory card is put in a protective sleeve to protect against static.
  • Ask the screeners to inspect your camera equipment without the use of x-ray equipment. Call ahead to see if your airline offers this service.
  • Invest in a good camera bag that offers small compartments for your digital camera media and camera. While it may not totally protect your camera from magnetic or x-ray exposure, it can limit any damage caused by any potential rough handling.

While the jury is still out on the amount of damage airport screenings can cause to your digital camera, having some common sense for protecting your digital camera and safekeeping your images is an important step any photographer should take."

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Unknown said…
Well, I am here to tell you that wearing aluminum foil as a hat will not keep you from getting arrested!
That is what i do, when i travel. I make sure my camera is well protected. I so far havent had much problem.. not that i travel all the time.. but my last trip to UK in feb.. i had no trouble.. it was well packed in its proper case.
Thanks for the tips JP:
Hope your time in Aruba was great.. it looks like it.!
happy weekend
Anonymous said…
Very interesting and helpful tips. I wonder what affect the x-ray and magnetic whatchamacallit would have on the hubs hearing aids.
TexWisGirl said…
good information.
Nancy C said…
The furthest I go from home is 12 miles to town usually. No X-ray machines between here and there (so far.) :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Great to meet you through A-Z. Handy tips for traveling!
Inger said…
I never had any problems when I did travel, but you never know so this is good to know.
Ann said…
We never go anywhere but this is good to know should we ever travel.
So what's the big deal about taking a picture of their x-ray machine?

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