A Story: Doing Battle

Like all the mothers out there, I had a great Mother's Day.  My daughter and Angel came over after they got out of work.  It was a total joy for me to make a big pan of lasagne, a huge Caesar salad and warm up some nice Italian bread laced with butter and garlic.  It was ready when they got here from RI.  So was my story which happened while the lasagne was in the oven.

The food...awesome.  The company...even more awesome.  The story...OUTSTANDING.  I will try to paint the picture for you but know I will not do it justice.  

One lone eagle continuing to circle way above the nesting mate as the two red-tail hawks infringed on the territory.  Like something you would see on the Discovery Channel, the lone eagle readied itself for the attack.  

The hawks dove, the eagle soared, flipped over and headed towards the hawks, talons extended like age old weapons of days gone by.  That eagle was actually upside down doing battle and did so tirelessly and relentlessly!!  

Powerful and massive it's wing span dominated the blue skies, making those two red-tails seem like miniatures floating in the air.  Sailing out of sight, the hawks left the scene of battle.  Over.  Done.  It was simply magnificent and awe inspiring!  Nature teaches us so much.

The day after doing battle, the eagle soared with pride.


Anonymous said…
That would have been something to see...maybe next time you'll have your camera handy and take some video.
gld said…
You would think the hawks would have know better! I know it was an awesome sight. Glad you got to see it.
MTWaggin said…
wowsa!!!! what an honor to witness that!
Ann said…
oh wow, that must have been something to see.
What a fun thing for mother's day!
That must have been quite the battle sight, JP. It's not uncommon either for hawks to attack the eagle nest it seems that it is done often. The Duke Farms website has an eagle cam and one of the videos features a battle between the nesting eagle and a red hawk invader. There was a victor and it was NOT the hawk. The fight it available online if you care to view it.
Ashling said…
Awe----some, awe---inspiring (and you did a great job painting the picture)> What a gift to have been able to witness that.

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