C'est La Vie

Although we had planned on heading to my son's around 12:30pm, I had to take a nap before we left.  Busy all morning, making lasagne and crab salad, I was simply tuckered out.  Right after I got comfy on the couch and pulled the sheet over my head, I heard the knock at the door.  It was Corey who greeted me his usual smile and twinkling eyes with, "Okay, Miss nature extraordinaire.  Come with me.  I found the nest."

Bouncing up and grabbing my raincoat from the coat closet and putting on my garden shoes, I grabbed "zoomer."

Pointing out the nest, Corey told me that it was at least 110 feet up the pine.  Located in the upper third, I couldn't believe the size of it.

The rest is history, folks.  It is a nest.  The eagles I've been watching on and off since last year made it official.  I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of activity once the eaglets hatch and you know I'll keep you posted.  I've also decided to document the dates and times of their sightings...just a personal thing. 

I apologize for the "blur" on the photo below..it was raining and as I stood under the nest gazing up, I felt like I was going to tip over backward.  Since Corey is like a son to us, I asked him to brace my shoulders so I wouldn't fall over!!  But, as usual my exuberance got in the way and I forgot to wipe the raindrops from my lens!!!

Then we left the forest, just as we came but I have to admit that it made me feel special...not because I spotted them but because they were nesting right next door to us!

Now, lets hope that they return each year.

What a Mother's Day Gift!!!


Anonymous said…
Very special neighbours you've got there.
TexWisGirl said…
that's just awesome!
Ann said…
how exciting.
MTWaggin said…
How exciting!!!!
Betty said…
Is it really that close to you? I'm envious.
Candy C. said…
That is SOOOO cool!! :)
WOW what an impressive home those eagles have, JP, and all we have are a couple of robin's nests in the hedges.

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