Colors and Flavors

"Make dessert," she said.

I did.

Lots of them.

Some strawberry filled...some custard filled...some with coconut...some with chocolate filling.

(I know they should be red, white and blue, but there was something about that lime and coconut that just belonged together.)

Hope you all have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day!


Wow JP.. these cup cakes look fantastic.. You are really becoming a professional. I can see the sign now
"JP's Cup cakes" ..
happy monday

I have been meaning to ask you.. Has your header a double image on it.?
Its very different.
best wishes
val x
Agree with the previous comment, JP, these cupcakes look delicious, especially reading the ingredients...of course, the lime goes with the coconut as the song once said.
Candy C. said…
Darn, Beatrice beat me to it...put the lime with the coconut... ;)
Loved your mosaic of all the lovely flowers in your yard too!
Ann said…
I think when it comes to cupcakes, flavor outranks color. They do look yummy

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