Fence in the Night

Laptop MIA, but lobotomy is going well, I 've been told. Some computers which have never been cleaned come in with up to 1,000 virus'! Do you believe that? Mine had minimal...87...and will be happy with it's transformation.

My thoughts?
I'll be able to resume use of my flash drives and SD cards for pix! So, hence the picture below...taken with my iPad...OTF (on the fly)...cute fence...great reflections!

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LV said…
Computers are great when they work. I could not function as I do not have those fancy phones. Pretty fence sight.
My computer is getting a little slower.
I think maybe a total clearing of some old stored stuff.
i keep just about everything and dont need it all.
hope you get it soon.
nice photo from your i pad.
happy weekend JP:
val x
I hope it returns soon!
Tanya Breese said…
i should have mine cleaned too!
EG CameraGirl said…
Life without a computer can be soooo frustrating! But if yours works better after its cleaning, it will be totally worth it. :)
Jan n Jer said…
Wow 87 viruses...it's a wonder your computer didnt crash!!! Doesn't it make you wonder how we all lived without our computers.
TexWisGirl said…
i keep norton security for mine. sure hope it catches those viruses! eek!

'Tsuki said…
That's a weird image, with this mix between inside and outside... Well spotted !
Fun60 said…
I love the image of your fence. Good luck with your computer troubles.
Anonymous said…
what a fascinating photo

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