Flowers, Flowers and More Flowers

My first week home, living here in rural Connecticut, I planted all the lily and daff bulbs and now it was time for me to catch up on another favorite past~time of mine.  

Unfortunately I had missed the first class of Cake Decorating while I was in Aruba but had asked the instructor if I could make it up.  (Silly as that may sound, even though I'm retired, I've always applied myself fully and this was not going to be the exception...not if I could help it!)

So on Thursday morning, I made the necessary icings and practiced Button Flowers and Daisies (made from a mixture of gum paste & fondant) and then attempted Apple Blossoms, Rosebuds, Roses and Pansies (made from Royal icing).  By the time I went to class on Friday, I was all caught up, until...  

Cute, right?

We learned Daffodils and Lilies in class!!  

Putting the finishing touches on them in class, I carefully placed them in the box I'd brought.  Once home, I placed them on the kitchen island and told the Pres NOT to touch them.


to be continued...

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Oh no JP. thats not fair.. ):-
What you have caught up on so far looks lovely..and so pretty.
will be waiting to see what happened.
You are really coming on.
happy thursday
Nancy C said…
It's like telling a cat not to eat Tuna! Bad girl! :)
These look too pretty to eat, but I have a bad feeling about what's coming in the sequel.
E. Beth. said…
I love the 1st ones - they are so bright & colorful. perfect. ( :
Anonymous said…
I had no idea there was so much you could do with icing.
gld said…
Is there a dog involved in this story?

The flowers are very impressive.
MTWaggin said…
Those look amazing! I never really got the hang of all the frosting flowers.
Ann said…
they all look wonderful. I'm thinking this did not turn out well
Candy C. said…
To be continued, no fair!
I love those button flowers, very cute! :)
Well I'm sure he didn't eat them since that royal icing is so gross.

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