I Can See Clearly Now...

Although cold this week, I'm chomping on the bit to go kayaking.  However, there was one small thing standing in my way.  

When the rock hit the upper corner, I never called to get the windshield repaired.

I should have.

 when I turned on the defrosters one winter morning, a crack slowly traveled all the way to the bottom of the windshield frame.  And all I could do was watch!

Yep. Time to call the insurance company who sent a rep from Safe-lite Auto Glass.

  He came.

 He saw.

He conquered.

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gld said…
There is a rock quarry on the side of the highway when we travel to town; we desperately try to not get behind one of their trucks. You can see the gravel bouncing when it hits the highway.

Glad you got it fixed and can no go kayaking.
Inger said…
Good you took care of that! We have one too, but so far it hasn't make a crack like that.
Jeannie Marie said…
Oh yeah! It happened to me too! You gotta love the folks who come and fix it in a wink!
TexWisGirl said…
i have one going across my entire windshield - luckily just below my eyeline, though.
Betty said…
A rock hit my windshield, but it cracked immediately. We watched it go across as we drove. :(
Ann said…
I was afraid I was going to have one the other day. I was driving behind a truck that shot not one but two right into my window. I couldn't find even a nick though.
Lea said…
We have had that happen, too!
Enjoy your kayaking!
Lea's Menagerie
They make it look so easy to repair, don't they? I'm glad it's all fixed and now you can get ready for kayaking!!
Same here, not a crack that has spread yet, but a couple of little rock dings in a corner on the front window of my Jeep. And, I always check it, but so far both have remained stationary. Glad yours was fixed. JP.

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