I Do Not Like Pigs

Oh, don't get me wrong I like pork...fixed all different ways, using various cuts of "the other white meat."  And I thing the pigs and sows that I see at local fairs are adorable.  Even those funny looking ones that people have as pets are cute...those pot-bellied ones.  

Earth day was two weeks ago and while many people planted trees, or plants, I decided to do something a little different.  I walked down the gravel road with a purpose.  I was on a mission, as the Pres calls it.

I filled fours bags of TRASH from PIGS...that's what I call those people who litter.  Some call them litter-bugs.  To me they are PIGS!!  Can you imagine what their homes look like if they are so messy?  I shudder to think how their homes must look.

Do something special one day.  Pick up garbage along the road.

  The Earth will thank you
and so will I.


gld said…
I carry bags with me when I walk our road. I can always fill at least one! I am furious when I see people toss their trash out the car window!
It is natives doing it too; what is the matter with people? We saw a boy walking with his dog while we were getting gas. When he finished his soda he just dropped the can to the sidewalk! I wanted to chase him down and kick his backside!
That is just awful JP.
It's a heavy fine here if you are seen putting litter out your car or leaving it.
But you always get that odd one.
No respect.
Anonymous said…
Their homes look just fine...their trash has been dumped elsewhere.
Unknown said…
It has always amazed me to see someone just casually drop trash on the ground as if that is what it is there for. No, yelling at them will not work most of the time, but a 2x4 will always get their attention. Sigh.
Well I hate those kind of pigs too :-(
Candy C. said…
I have never quite understood the mentality of people who litter. Kudos to you for doing your part to keep things beautiful! :)
Ann said…
It's amazing how so many people think nothing of just dropping their garbage on the ground. I'm always finding empty cans and cups in and around our front yard
TexWisGirl said…
i pick up along the front of our place (and a bit of the neighbors) it is awful...

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