Little Is As Little Does

The temps this week have been warm...really warm for May. Hovering in the low to mid eighties, this past week had the Pres and I hopping with digging plants to share with others as well as planting those given to us.

Now that summer is almost here, all my favorite little things are humming! Like this cutie...

Through the front door I saw something little sitting on the edge of one of the dried twigs in my arrangement on the side of the stoop.
Isn't she darling?

All puffed out to keep herself warm on this chilly afternoon, she kept returning to the twig while I continued to snap away.  I waited and waited to get a shot of her mate but he played hard to get.
Finally, after several attempts, I got that little rascal. 

He loves to sit on the fence along the walk not far from the Eastern Phoebe who also sits there to be close to their nest of little ones right over the front door!

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This post and photo answers a question my husband and I had recently about hummingbirds resting. It seems like they're always flitting about, don't think I've ever seen one land anywhere. Now I know they do!
Love the birds. Hope they don't accidentally fly in the house, being that close to the door!
Angel said…
So cute! I'm impressed you were able to get those photos. Have a great weekend!
TexWisGirl said…
i love the tiny hummers.
Ann said…
what a sweet little bird
Love the hummingbirds and that you managed to get a photo of each of them.
Karen Lakis said…
The birds are so sweet. I like that it kept returning while you took photos!
Ginny Hartzler said…
Amazing shots! It is so hard to find one of these cuties sitting and being still!!! You have a beautiful front door! Wishing you a safe and meaningful holiday weekend.
Candy C. said…
Sweet little hummer and what a neat shot through the window! :)
Mimsie said…
How beautiful and how lucky you are to have them live with you as they do. We of course don't have them in Western Australia so it's lovely to be able to share wild creatures in other parts of the world. Thank you.

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