Meeting "M"

One morning while at the Butterfly Farm, which is sooooo much better than watching television like the Pres enjoys in the morning, I saw a thin woman slowly making her way through the garden paths. Watching her kind and gentle face as she followed the sandy path through the garden, I felt drawn to her.  
Moments earlier, a Vietnamese Tree-Nymph had landed on me and remembering what the owners had taught me as I made my way towards her, I smiled and said, "Isn't it beautiful here?"
"Yes, I never realized," she answered with a wondrous look on her face.
We began chatting. Pointing out a few other things to her...things I've learned over the years coming to the garden, I knew I had made another friend.
We exchanged email addresses so we could keep in touch and agreed to meet the following morning at the garden.
Discovering in the short time we spent together that we have a LOT in common...I mean a LOT!...we traded highlights in our lives as well as some likes and dislikes only to find that we seemed to have a bond.
 "M" is going to plan a trip for us later this year.

We found out that although we do not watch much TV, we even enjoy the same programs!  How's that for Karma?
Oh, one more thing. When a butterfly lands on you? It means you have an angel watching over you. It must be true because I have made another dear friend!

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Mary said…
Hmmm. Seems I'm always chasing butterflies -- they never land on me. Hidden (or not so hidden) meaning in that statement.

How nice to find a new friend in such a lovely place.
Chatty Crone said…
What a great way to meet a friend. sandie
MTWaggin said…
You never know who you will meet if you just open up to the opportunity!
TexWisGirl said…
you never meet a stranger. :)
a joyful noise said…
What a beautiful day - a lovely garden and a new friend -

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