Memorial Day

Hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day as much as we enjoyed ours.

Spending the day with my SIL, her family and enjoying the most delicious, tender chicken ever (although the Pres chose steak), it was time for her and I to wander around her yard and look at all her plants. Savoring the cupcakes I'd made which was such a "feel good" for me, we took our beverages along with us as we began on one side of the yard.

Showing me where she planted the ferns and Jack-in-the-pulpits I'd brought her a few days earlier, I heard the happiness in her voice when I told her that each time I came to visit I would bring more. Stopping short, she then showed me the plants she had recently purchased. Immediately, I said to the Pres, "lets stop at Walmart on the way home." It wasn't long after that it was time to hit the road.

Yep...with our newly purchased plants...three Rhododendrons, three American Hollies, a Clematis, Lupines and a few annuals for pots...all loaded in the back of the truck, we were back on the road. We had decided that we would hold off planting until the next day because I wanted to just stop in and say "Hi" to our neighbor who had also invited us for a cookout.  Although I had no intention on staying, I rang the front doorbell. Exchanging hugs and chatting briefly, she knew the real purpose for my visit.

  The eagles nest is in a tall pine on the edge of a clearing overlooking the river and mountain below us.  A very tall, dead pine is nearby creating a perfect perch for the magnificent birds.  Then nest, although on her property, is a mere 200 yards from our yard.

Appropriate for Memorial Day, don't you agree? 

The symbol of freedom.
 Freedom that all our soldiers have fought and continue to fight for.

 A perfect end to a perfect day!
I walked home on the path through the woods with a warm feeling in my heart.

Sharing another piece of life with you and


MTWaggin said…
Ahhh what a lovely way to spend the day!! Your pictures are super and can't wait to see more of the eagles.
Ann said…
oh wow, that is a wonderful shot and it was perfect for memorial day
Look at that blue, blue sky!!
Candy C. said…
Yes, that was an awesome sight for Memorial Day! Thanks for sharing it with us! :)
simply bev said…
How lucky you are to have the nest nearby! Keep sharing your eagle photos!
gld said…
These are really great shots! Glad you had such a good Memorial Day.
CailinMarie said…
gorgeous photos of the eagles. and yes, perfect for memorial day. I stopped by via Outdoor Wednesday.
LV said…
Very appropriate and well done.

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