One Aruban Night

Evenings in Aruba while on vacation were all quiet in our part of the resort with the exception of one.

It was the night that Jennifer and Angel decided they were going to camp out in the desert. After they left, the Pres and I watched some TV and then it was lights out as usual. 

 Then, around 2:30 am, the Pres began one of his snoring sonatas. Awakened by the snoring, I tapped his arm, and told him to rollover which was just enough to make me take notice of the people next door to us.

The couple with the two small children were arguing. The arguing quickly became yelling and the yelling turned into shouting. Before long the shouting turned into screaming and swearing.

Trying to focus on something else, repeatedly I closed my eyes only to be brought back into their present. Unfortunately, it lasted for hours.  It was then that all I heard was uncontrollable sobbing by the woman...perhaps telling someone on the phone what had happened. That's what I guessed anyway.

It was nearly six in the morning when I decided that I should just get up and make the coffee to take out near the pool. Sipping on my hot coffee, I tuned towards the slider and their she was...the young woman, huddled on the lounge chair. Immediately my heart went out to her...I couldn't help it, as I have "been there, done that."

When I finished my coffee and walked toward our room, I looked at this young tattooed woman. Her eyes met mine.

"Are you alright?" I asked.

"Yes, thank you" she said, eyes swollen, red and glassy, holding back tears.

"Would you like some coffee? I have extra."

"No, thank you anyway."

"Well, I think you need a hug" I said leaning down to hug her. "You will be'll see."

She hugged me back tightly and her tear filled eyes smiled.

  Later that morning her husband returned and they left together with the children. 

I hope she they will be alright.


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Oh dear JP. that was not a relaxing night for you.
the poor children.
Very kind gesture to give her a hug.. poor girl.
you wont forget that night so easily.
yes, i think a lot of us have been there. !
happy Thursday to you and the Pres.
Anonymous said…
Trouble in paradise. Hope everything worked out for them.
TexWisGirl said…
a hard family vacation for them.
Ann said…
Well certainly not a fun night for you having to listen to it.
Hope they patched everything up.

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