Our New Neighbors

The Pres and I have been working pretty hard lately.  He's been spreading lime to sweeten the soil, grass seed to improve the LAWN all while I planted more seed and transplanted a few plants that my favorite SIL gave me.

In addition to all that fun stuff, we've been pulling the last of the prickers (Japanese Barberry) and wild roses and placing them on the burn piles.  Now we just have to wait for rain which is supposed to happen soon.

Last weekend while we were digging up roots of those dreaded bushes, an interesting squawk made me look up toward the ridge spotting a pair of American Bald Eagles soaring overhead.  Circling and gliding, they hung around our place and the adjacent woods for about fifteen minutes.  The next day I spotted them again...once at 11:15am, then again at 1:30pm.
See it?

Convinced that there was something that they liked here, I decided to be a tad more vigilant. 

 Well, my vigilance paid off because the next day when I came home from the gym one soared in from the Southwest (which is where the river stocked with salmon, trout and bass and dam are) and let out it's unmistakable squawk as it decreased in altitude moving closer to the ridge which is where our house is located.  This time there was an answer.  In an instant, it swung around and approached for it's landing from the East once again, disappearing into the thick forest next to us.
Yep.  There's got to be a nest and I'll bet that it was built by the pair I saw a while back perched in our tree!  Perhaps it is the one I got a picture of last year with my cell!!  If I put all the various sightings since we've moved in, it makes sense.  Wouldn't that be awesome if they returned each year?!

After doing some research, I discovered that Eagles, like many other species, return to their nests year after year assuming it does not become troublesome or "too busy" and the surroundings are conducive to their liking.

 With prime fishing right down the road as well as the dense forest loaded with  tall massive deciduous trees and pines on the fifty acres around us, our new neighbors are more than welcome here in "A Quiet Corner."

 What a great pre~Mothers Day gift, huh?

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Nancy C said…
When we approached our soon-to-be purchased farm back in 2003, I saw an eagle soaring overhead and said to the hubs, "this is a good omen." And it was.
Anonymous said…
That is a fantastic mothers day gift.
Betty said…
Yes, I'm excited for you. They build huge nests...I believe they're something like six feet across. You need to go out in the woods and find it! When we lived in Oklahoma there was a place called The Sutton Avian Research Center. At that time they were bringing eggs from nests in Florida and hatching them to release in the wild. By doing that the eagles in Florida would lay another batch of eggs and there would be twice as many eagles. We went and saw the eggs and baby eagles at various ages through one way glass. I've been fascinated with eagles ever since and would LOVE to see them in the wild. Lucky you!

Unknown said…
We received a bit of information about our new neighbors from their father, and if his daughters are anything at all like he is, we have been greatly blessed by their arrival.
Your place is really looking fine, JP,Nathan's to the hard work of the Pres and yourself. What a difference no snow makes in the yard! Hope the new neighbors turn out to be the eagles.
gld said…

We rarely get to see eagles here and when we do we get very excited.

I love how your house seems to nestle into the hillside!
How exciting to get to see eagles soaring!
I do believe most birds return to their nests.. not 100% sure, but lots do.
How great to have the bald headed eagle.. a magnificent bird.
You have both been very busy JP:
Here we are heading to summer.. our spring days are beautiful.. such great weather..
wishing you and the pres a great weekend.
xxx val
MTWaggin said…
You will enjoy seeing them (small dogs not so much) and you and the Pres are doing amazing work in that yard. Make me tired (and reminds me I need to do the same).
Ann said…
How exciting.

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