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Last year when I was over my son's, Mia said, " Daddy, read me a story" as she placed a stack of her books on the arm of the chair. Their cat, Rocky apparently decided that he needed to be there too as he jumped onto my son's lap.
The book? A long time favorite of mine, since I used to read it to my son!
One more thing. When I found out the theme was "children's books," I had to share this particular pic. Why? Their cat, Rocky, was put to sleep this week at the age of fifteen...:(

In A People House, by Dr. Seuss.
"Come inside, Mr Bird" said the mouse.
I'll show what there is in a people house.
A people house has things like chairs, things like roller skates and stairs.
Bananas, bathtubs, bottles, brooms...that's what you find in people's rooms..."

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Anonymous said…
What a lovely photo .... and .... poor Rocky.
MadSnapper said…
a beautiful and sad story... sorry to hear about Rocky
TexWisGirl said…
i'm sorry about rocky...
So sad about Rocky.

I just want a generator to run the fridge and such. We could never afford a great big one ;-)
Ann said…
So sorry to hear about Rocky. I guess even Rocky appreciated a good Dr. Seuss book

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