The Forgotten Ones

For those of you who know me, you know I have a few stories to tell.  It seems that adventures just sort of happen to me.  And I love it!!  So, while I just displayed some of my pix using the A-Z Challenge, I do have a few stories to share.  To tell you the truth, it just about killed me to hold back on the stories until A-Z finished!!!  Anyway...

  It was about 3 pm and I felt like exploring the grounds to take a few pictures.  Besides I was chasing this big iguana and thought if I followed him, he would lead me to some secret iguana hang out.

Making my way through a corridor I'd never been in, I found myself on the rim of the outer parking lot now engulfed in the cool shadows of the afternoon.  
The cooling shadow had more than made the pavement comfortable and it felt so good on my bare feet as I watched that old iguana scurry across the pavement.  . Once I got my bearings, I knew which way I needed to head to get to the main lobby of the resort so I wasn't concerned at all.  Then I would simply cross the pool area, smile and say Hello to those I knew and be back safe and sound under our hut.

Yes. I was "golden."

After taking about 30-40 steps through the side parking lot, when I got to the corner, I was far enough behind that old iguana to see him to take a sharp left which I did without hesitation.  However, holding my camera and trying to focus on him it was about five steps into it that I felt the pain.  It was excruciating. My bare feet were being seared by the hot blacktop that had been baking in the sun nearly all day!  It's all good for those iguana toes but not for human skin!!  YIKES!!!  (Actually the words that began to come out were much worse that that!!!) My mind jumped to those people that walk on hot coals and do it with ease and grace without flinching a muscle.  But my mind and feet said, "get off of this stuff and do it quickly"!!

Quicker than you can imagine, I began hugging the milkweed plants shaped like hedges. Ahhhh...the cooler surface was such an instant relief, although covered in rough coarse gravel resembling ground coral.  The souls of my feet kissed that gravel!!  The iguana had now pulled way out ahead of me and was no longer in sight.

 Stepping rapidly and doing a balance act on the curb (like a cat on a hot tin roof) wasn't easy though. My iPod cord got stuck on one of the branches and as I turned to untangle it, I lost my balance causing a branch to pierce my ankle! 

Yes, Aruba was great.  It was probably one of the best trips we had even though I returned home scab and all.

The lesson here? 

 NEVER....NEVER...forget your flip flops!


Do not chase iguanas!


Anonymous said…
Only you my dear..only you lol.
MTWaggin said…
Wow I thought I was the only one that kind of stuff happened to! So did you ever find iguana hangout?
TexWisGirl said…
i've been caught in bare feet a time or two, also. :)
How could you forget your flip flops!
Nina said…
Oh boy ... I love the way you lead me through the exciting chase - I chuckled at the 'iguana hangout' and read onwards thrilled until Outch! Sorry for you!! A hard lesson to remember the clip claps!
Candy C. said…
Ouchie!! My feet are stinging just thinking about it!
Ann said…
flip flops are an essential too when chasing iguanas :)
Both those suggestions sound like good ones to remember IF we ever get to Aruba, JP. Did you ever get a photo of that iguana for all your injuries?

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