The Last Day

After a restless night, I woke up at 4:30 am to make my coffee. The Pres, out like a light and snoring loudly, didn't even rustle during the process. Putting on my bathing suit and shorts, I clipped my iPod case to my waistband and closed the door behind me. Heading to the beach for that one last walk.  Feeling rather sad, I looked up and the Egret was sitting on the concrete wall as usual.  He'd been there nearly every morning since we arrived. 

Recognizing a figure in the distance I raised my arm to wave. It was Freddie, a 50 year old man I 'd met several days earlier at our resort walking the beach with a friend of his. Raising my camera to capture them, he waved exuberantly and shouted, "good morning, sweetheart."
I was so glad to see him one more time before we left.  It gave me the chance to show him some of the pictures I'd taken at the Butterfly Farm and of the crab he and I found on the beach one morning while walking.  Sponge Bob Square Pants...that's what I call him...the crab, that is!  LOL!
Cute, heh?

Camera in hand, I headed to the Butterfly Farm for my last visit only to be surprised by the owner and one of the girls I chat with daily. She will not work there next year as she has graduated college and take on a nursing position at the hospital.

To my surprise, they gave me a copy of a CD that I had asked about one morning! A gift they took the time to make for me...wonderful, calming, meditative music to remind me of the garden!

Thanks, Tony!
Lets fast forward here and forget the story about the Pres' credit card not working at checkout and lets also forget the $39.00 phone call he had to make to inquire why and lets forget that it WAS NOT the credit card, but the defunct terminal that the resort was using!

Although our flight home was a half hour late taking off, I was too excited to be going "home" to let that bother me.  I missed my dogs...a lot...and couldn't wait to get kisses and fur all over me, along with listen to their "speech."
After we picked up our car at Jennifer's, we made our way on the dark country roads.  Luggage in the trunk, we pulled onto the gravel road and tooted the horn repeatedly.  I didn't care that it was late.  We have no neighbors to disturb.  The tooting was for the dogs!
There they were running along the fence line giving us their speech all the way to the top of the hill.  That warm fuzzy feeling came over me.
We were home!


Nancy C said…
There's no place like it. :)
What a trip! I love that the lady gave you that butterfly cd.
Anonymous said…
The best part of going away is coming home.
Unknown said…
Always happy to return home! Thank you for your visit!
Sounds like a wonderful trip! But it IS great to be home, too.
TexWisGirl said…
i'd hardly be able to be away from my pups for that long. :)
andy said…
Looks like a great time and very relaxing !
E. Beth. said…
fun times. love your new bloggy look. so fun!! you are too creative. ( :
have a good tuesday.
Candy C. said…
It's always nice to get away but it's always really, really nice to get home! Love ol' Sponge Bob! :)
Chatty Crone said…
How long did you stay there? sandie
Ann said…
there's no place like home and what a great way to be welcomed back.
lovely post..there's no place like home. Oh just noticed everyone above me feels the same too. xo

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