Finding the Two Eighty Eight

Planting the three Rhododendrons along the back fence offset the Rose of Sharon along the fence that runs perpendicular to this one was a wise deciosion.
 I KNOW I planted some of those annuals in and around this bed.  Lets hope they grow to be full and showy.  Did I tell you that the Persicaria Painter's Palette I put in last year self seeded and now I have about fifty?!!!  I asked the Pres to notch out the top of that tree trunk so I can use it as a planter.  I love it!!!

The tallest fern is one of my Ostrich Ferns and to the right near the next set of Maples is one of my Cinnamon Ferns.  To blend with these, I've added Hostas, Jacob's Ladder and some of the two hundred eighty eight!

This little bed is now done and surrounded by a rock border.  I moved some of those young Persicaria here as well as a lot of the Coleus.  Wild Woodruff is abundant here in the woods so I've added that along with several Spring blooming wildflowers which blend well with the Pulmonaria.

Sharing my work and the two hundred eighty eight with you and those at


WOW that was a whole lot of planting, JP, and your yard will show the colorful results in time. We also used to buy lots of annuals, but after Grenville sprinkled wildflower seeds in parts of the back yard, we no longer need to do that.
Willow said…
Oh and I do so love the beautiful chair in your garden!
Unknown said…
Do you think that more rowdy plants make fun of flowers with fancy names?
What a neat idea to use the tree as a planter!
Ann said…
it looks great. I'm not much a gardener. Can I hire you?
Unknown said…
These pics are beautiful. I Love how peaceful they look. I'm visiting from Katherine's Hop and came to say hello. I'm also a new follower Your blog is truly awesome.
Angel @
Candy C. said…
Your yard is beautiful, love all the splashes of color!! :)
Anonymous said…
What a lovely garden!
E. Beth. said…
some one has been working very hard. great work. nice!! ( :
MTWaggin said…
Such a lovely yard, if you get bored you could come do mine! LOL
Your yard is really lovely, as are your flowers! Mine unfortunately are seriously neglected and I need to remedy that before it's too late!

all that hard work paid off everything looks amazing! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo

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