So, Where Are They?

Over the weekend, before we got to my MIL's, we stopped at our friend's to say HI and get a few (note the word FEW) annuals to use as fillers in the beds I've been working on.  I'm trying to maintain the native woodland plants by incorporating some perennials then using annuals as fillers for the summer.  

The birthday party we went to was still going strong when we left at 7:30 pm and it was far too late to plant since we didn't get home until 9 pm. Besides it was extremely hot and humid. Placing all the flowers in the cart, we unloaded the back of the truck, gave the dogs their attention and headed in.

 However Sunday morning, while the Pres slept, I began to unload and place the plants here and there around the yard.  We had picked colorful flowers that would brighten up the shady spots nicely:

a flat of pink Impatiens
  a flat of white Impatiens with pink centers
  a flat of Coleus
a flat of Snapdragons
 two flats of Cosmos in purple, lilac and white

Considering there are 48 plants in a flat what we had should be more than enough.  After all that's 288 plants plus the New Guinea Impatient hangers!

Clustered together in the old,rickety cart that we've had forever, it certainly looked like we had a lot of plants.  I knew I had my work cut out for me for most of the day.  When the Pres called me in for breakfast, the bacon, eggs, toast and pancakes really hit the spot. While eating, he told me to hold off another day  to finish since it was so hot and humid.  But, once I start something, I like to finish so I was back at it in no time.  

Finished seven hours later only because the Pres came out to help, I was wiped out...exhausted and covered with dirt from head to toe.  I showered and hit the couch savoring the AC until the shade hit the back yard.

That evening as I sat on the deck and looked around, I thought,
where are the
two hundred eighty eight?

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E. Beth. said…
i love the wildflowers ... enjoy the purples too!! fun. i love working in the yard. ( :
MadSnapper said…
i like those purple daisy looking flowers, not sure what they are, and i love love love all the header pup pics
Inger said…
Love the flowers and that's a lot of work. I'm sure the flowers will spread out and be more noticeable as the summer moves along. Now I have to check out your header, after seeing Sandra's comment above.
Inger said…
Your new header is lovely. Your pups are really posing and looking so cute.
Chatty Crone said…
I LOVE your new header too! I love it. And the flowers. sandie
gld said…
That's a lot of flowers; be sure to show us when they are really blooming in your yard.

7 hours! I can't do that anymore.
TexWisGirl said…
oh, i would be SO sore!

love the header of all the pups.
Ann said…
oh wow, all those beautiful flowers. My back is hurting just thinking about planting all of that though :)
Nina said…
Beautiful flowers ,,, and also a lot of Work! The sweet dogs in the header are just lovely :)
Candy C. said…
Yep, once you start spreading them out they don't look like quite as many! You guys picked out some lovely annuals, I really like the Cosmos! :)

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