The Graduate

Like so many other proud parents and grandparents, the Pres and I thought nothing of driving the hour and a half to attend a forty five minute graduation ceremony. After all, it was a graduation from Pre K for our youngest grand daughter. 

 Yes, time has flown and Mia, now 4 1/2, joined the ranks like many before her and begins Kindergarten in September!  When I baby sat for her last week and brought up the topic of her graduation, she said a few interesting things.

"Nana, are you coming to my graduation?"

"Yes, Mia, I am."

"Nana, is Grandpa Joe coming?"

"Do you want him to come?"

"Yes, please," followed by a few seconds of silence.  " Nana, Moon and Copper can't come because they would want to get on stage with me and run around like crazy."

"Don't worry. We'll leave the dogs home, Mia."

"Nana, after we graduate, we all get to have punch and cookies! "

Oh, my, this is going to be wonderful Mia! I can hardly wait.  Are you going to sing?"

"Oh, Nana, we're singing a whole bunch of songs.  I'm singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with Delaney and Rocco is singing Little Boy Blue with Hunter.

"Mia, this sounds like so much fun."

It was...:)

Especially when I saw her "reading" her diploma!!!!

Oh, one more thing.  

Mia and Rocco have been BFFs since they met!

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gld said…
More graduations to look forward to:
8th and 12th....I wonder if they do Kindergarten and middle school? It is amazing. College is to far off for you to think about....we are just 4 years away from that one here.
Ashling said…
Congratulations to Mia & her proud grandparents!
Congrats to her! She is so cute.
Ann said…
I love the conversation :)
Congratulations to Mia
Karen Lakis said…
It's so sweet to hear the story through a child - wonderful!
What a sweet conversation and new memory you've made with your lovely granddaughter!! :-)
We also had a graduation, grandson's kindergarten, and we drove 10 hours for this RI event cause it's what grandparents do as you know too.
Chatty Crone said…
Congratulations - she is such a cutie pie. sandie

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