Truth Hurts

Holy moosepoops! There's not much time left for Reader so I'm throwing this out to the ones I trust most.
Are there any other choices?
I have absolutely NO clue.
Tell me what you think.
What would you recommend and WHY and for heavens sake, make it easy for me to understand.
I will say that I'm not a fan of Google +...don't understand it...don't like all. Uh-oh, am I in trouble? Is this the end of my blogging career?


Anonymous said…
I went with Bloglovin.... so far so good since tomorrow is the last day of Google Reader. Try Bloglovin, it's easy and I think you will like it!

Ann said…
I've tried both feedly and bloglovin and I think I'm going to stick with feedly. For some reason bloglovin wasn't registering some posts from certain blogs and the bloggers thought I was purposely not visiting any more.
Google+ was a total waste of time if you ask me.
I know there are other reader options out there but I don't know what they are. I'm tempted to just create a blog list of my own and use that for doing my visiting
Betty said…
I am so tired of things changing. I don't have a lot of time to read blogs and learn new things and now I'm supposed to figure out a new way to keep track of the blogs I read?

Fortunately, I took the time to bookmark my favorite blogs on my computer. I put them all in a folder called BlogReader. I have never followed blogs publicly and wanted to continue to do it that way. However, I went to Bloglovin and couldn't tell if I could still do it that way or not, but decided to import my Google Reader into Bloglovin anyway. Then things went from bad to worse. It might be because I have one E-mail address for my blog and another for comments. I'm thinking Bloglovin couldn't recognize my blog and it says I have no blogs I'm following. When I go back to Google Reader and click on the blogs there they no longer load. Temporary glitch?? Thank goodness I put some of the blogs I read in that folder on my computer.

I'll see how it goes, but if it all becomes too much of a hassle I might give up. I can't understand why they would do away with the reading list on blogger.
Chatty Crone said…
Chatty loves Bloglovin! sandie
TexWisGirl said…
i've used feedly since the day google announced they were shutting down reader.
I did feedly but haven't tried to use it yet.
Unknown said…
After getting used to it, Feedly is working for me, but I sure miss Google Reader.

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