Waiting & Watching

Sitting on the deck with camera in hand, I waited. Inevitably one of the eagles always soars overhead at various times of the day, so I try to make it a point of spending a little time on the deck each day. Most of the time I am watching other critters around me rather than gazing up at the sky, unless I hear their cry.  Then my head turns in their direction.

There are other critters in the yard, although less than usual because of the eagles presence.  Without fail, the Wrens nesting in our gourd, the Towhees scurrying through the abundant brush and the occasional chipmunk peeking out from the old wood pile, as well as Moon and Copper...all keep me entertained.  It doesn't take much...:)

Recently, however, after hearing the unmistakable chatter of a Pileated Woodpecker, I took the lens cap off zoomer and hit the on/off button. I was ready and on it!   Landing on the first dead stump near the fence, it hammered away.

Moving on to the cluster of dead tree trunks where I plan on making another shade bed, I couldn't take my eyes off of him.

I took about fifteen pix of him pecking and drilling into the logs although I only showed these few.  Unsure of what this next pose represented, I had to include this one!  Anybody got any idea or know bird body language?

He is quiet handsome, I think.

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E. Beth. said…
the one in my yard is super fast ... i have tried several times to get his picture & he just is to fast. makes me laugh. we saw on up on the Blue Ridge Parkway the other day. super awesome! they are too fast. (did i say that already??! ha. ha!!) ( :
Anonymous said…
He is a beauty. Hope he keeps one eye on the sky though.
That is an odd pose. Maybe he heard something strange. Like a camera clicking ;)
Unknown said…
Great catch! I can't remember seeing one in over 30 years!
TexWisGirl said…
i LOVE these handsome ones! great job!

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