Animal Frolics

OMG!  Holy Moose-poops!  I can take a deep....really deep breath!  

Saturday night when I rolled over from my side onto my back, I felt an excruciating pain across my left pectoral muscle.  It was such a sharp pain, I actually said, " oh, oh, ohhhhh" out loud and remember grabbing my left side.  Yet, in an instant I was asleep...I guess...I think.  Sure hope I didn't have a heart attack!

When I woke in the morning, I immediately noticed how easy it was to sit up and get out of bed.  I was not struggling and using my upper abdominal muscles as I had been over recent weeks didn't hurt AT ALL.  Hmmmmm?  Knowing that it wasn't the gym because I've been unable to go, I thought hard.  What did I do to cause this?  Hmmm?  I did use three pound hand weights the other day...hmmm?  Perhaps the light weights Then it hit me.

Last week, at Tai Chi, my instructor gave me a few simple moves from his years of experience, expertise and know-how.  "JP, try some of these moves" as we waited for the others to arrive.  First watching him, then smiling, I attempted several of his suggestions.  He referred to some of the traditional Qigong Animal Frolics which is what made me smile and chuckle as I tried in earnest to mirror his moves.  Several centered around the bear, deer and crane all of which promote good health.

Then as the others arrived, we stopped practicing and he said in his usual soft spoken manner, "Remember, JP, the body heals itself."

Joe was right!

Monday I went to the gym for the first time in two weeks and avoided a few resistance machines intentionally.  I'm taking the advice of many of you.  Recovering slowly is the only sure way...:)


Glad to read you are feeling better, JP. Now if only there was a way to feel cooler.
Mary said…
How weird! But I too have some of these weird aches and pains while I sleep (or try to sleep), that disappear in the morning.
Anonymous said…
Signs of improvement....thank goodness.
MorningAJ said…
Well that's excellent news. Take it easy and get fully well!
Ann said…
wonderful news. Glad you're doing better
Glad it is healing.

Come see my blog today...I was talking about you!
I'm glad you're better--It gives me hope for myself! :-)

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