Crash: The Saga (Part 2 of 3)

Awaking my usual time Tuesday morning, I waited patiently for my coffee to finish brewing.  Walking over to the slider to give Moon her morning smooch then passing the front door, I peered out.  

Crash was not in the nest!

  As my eyes skimmed the ground left and right, there he was...small, round and making his way along the outer garage wall in faded wood chips!  He'd survived yet another fall (about 7 ft) from the nest landing on concrete then made his way to the wood chips!


Of course, Mom came in to check on him and see if he was okay.  She checked all around him.

"I'm okay, Mom.  See the smile on my face."

When the Pres got up I once again, asked him to place Crash in the nest as I headed out to pick up a few things at the grocery store.  He was back home safe and sound.  Mom delivered another buggy delight and I watched him devour it.

In an hour I was home with everything put away.  It was then I went to check on Crash.  He was nowhere to be found.  Walking around outside the garage and the driveway, he was MIA!

Stepping over my garden's low fence, cautiously I stepped around the plants just in case.  

There he was!

to be continued...


MadSnapper said…
this little guy is leading a crazy life so far
TexWisGirl said…
he's ready to fledge, no matter what!
Anonymous said…
Adventurous wee chappie.
Nina said…
Aren't they sweet! You've captures a lovely moment!
Nancy C said…
He's a fighter! :)
Anonymous said…
He is a real tough one. Nice snaps.

Oh a mother birds love for her wee one.
Ann said…
Crash is a fiesty little guy. I'm holding my breath hoping this has a happy ending

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