Crash: The Sage (Part 3)

Yep, there he was...close to the edge of the stone wall!  If he goes over it's at least a four foot drop to the ground below!!

"What is he thinking?  Is he suicidal?" I thought.  Calling the Pres with my cell, once again I asked him to come out to assist while I ran to get something to place him in. 

This time we made a nest from a deep plastic plant saucer placing an old towel inside.  Then we placed it in the arrangement near the front stoop.

Cuddling in the towel, he seemed content enough and because the arrangement was located under the nest, we figured Mom and Dad would be okay with that as they remained vigilant perched nearby.

He even turned for a split second to get that little smile right before Mom perched on the edge of the cement basket.  Again, she fed him then flew off.

Thinking that all was going well, the next thing I knew, he climbed up the side and out onto one of the dried sticks and jumped.  Once again, Crash landed safely.

This time, the Pres threw his arms up in the air with that very Italian~French Canadian attitude of his and said, "Well, he wants out, so the #$%^ with him!"


Anonymous said…
Crash has a mind of his own.
Betty said…
I think he's trying to tell you something. He's going to do what he wants to do!
gld said…
I'm with the Pres; sometimes you just can't help animals no matter how badly you want to.
MadSnapper said…
a very determined bird. i am glad the mom kept feeding him even though he was not where he should be
I've missed your blog this week, and am sorry about that, but am glad that I've gotten to read 3 chapters in the life of Crash--If these little ones only knew how we worried about them! I hope this little one stays safe, and the parents keep up the good work and next time have hatchlings that listen better!
Have to agree with Joe also, JP, this bird seems not to want to be safe and fed, but is ready for the wide world. Hope Crash manages OK. At least you tried to help.
Hello JP.
well this little fellow sure is determined to fly too soon. nature is amazing, how mum is watching all the time.
he must be a strong bird.
He certainly has something he thinks he has to do.!
how sweet he looks in your nice little bed you made.
happy weekend to you and the pres.
val xx
Ashling said…
Such kindness you've shown....Crash will do what he needs to, but he (she?) has known compassion and gentleness. Hats off to you!

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