Take a Walk on the Wild Side (cont.)

We probably had only about another 110 yards to go before we reached the door to the lanai because we'd already passed the small moat on the end of the golf course when it happened.  There we were walking at a pretty good clip, when suddenly the sprinklers shot up from the ground and began spitting out cold water in all directions!

I happened to be right on the green in the midst of a few when it happened and got drenched from head to toe instantly while Mom veered to her right to avoid the water system!  "Lets run," I shouted picking up the pace a little as I tried to dodge sprinklers in the dark, moving closer to the surrounding trees and shrubs.  "Be careful of the alligators" she shouted.

Running even faster, my body began to emit gas.  "Ma, don't get downwind of me, Mom...I can't stop farting!"

Watching her stop in her tracks and hold her sides laughing, I'll never forget that face.  From that day on, I always tried to say something funny to make her laugh. 

 God, how she loved to laugh!


Thanks for sharing this story, JP, it made me smile early this morning. Also, it was great chatting with yiu and Joe over the weekend.
Anonymous said…
Well at least you were kind enough to warn her.
Ann said…
oh that is just hysterical.
Chatty Crone said…
Well you did warn her!

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