The Request

On Friday when my son called, he asked if we could come over Sunday for a visit.  He had an ulterior motive though.  He wanted the Pres and I to help him trim a few of his trees which meant that the Pres would bring his chain saw and pole saw.  When it comes to those small engines, there's no need to ask twice with the Pres.  So Sunday it was.

  Mia also had a request for me.  "Nana, can you make me banana bread with chocolate chips and NO nuts?"  No need to ask Nana twice either.  Consider it done!

We brought this.

And in return, we not only got our fill of pancakes, sausage and fresh fruit for breakfast, we got this as well!

Do you know how good it makes me feel when Mia is so excited to see spend the day with us!!!??  I don't think I'll ever stop saying it's so good to be home!!!

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MadSnapper said…
Mia is a doll baby for sure.. what a smile... and my hubby would love to crank up the saws or anything that has a motor on it.
Anonymous said…
Nice your are needed to bake a Banana cake and oh yes the Grandkids tell you what they dont like in it. Ha,ha. Been there and done that.

Oh she is so cute. A button smile
Candy C. said…
Sounds like a good trade to me, tree trimming and banana bread for breakfast and time with the granddaughter! She is a cutie! :)
Nancy C said…
Well, seems that everyone received a welcome gift that day. :)
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a deal to me...and just like Dorothy says..."There's no place like home."
TexWisGirl said…
she's so cute! and growing UP!
Inger said…
Mia is growing up! Still just so sweet though and of course you would go and help and enjoy her and your family.
Your grandaughter is darling! I'd rather have chocolate chips instead of nuts any day!
twbcountrygirl said…
Mia is just beautiful! I love the photo with her arms stretched out, so sweet. She must be a lot like my little one, no nuts in her banana either. :)
Mia is precious! So pretty! That's great that you can spend the day with her.
My husband would jump at the chance to use the chain saw too. :-)
Chatty Crone said…
She is a doll and I never thought about putting chocolate chips in the banana bread - how did I miss that?
Ann said…
That sweet smile of hers is infectious
What a cutie pie, thank you so much for sharing at the hop xo

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