Wait for Me...Please

My kayaking adventures thus far this year stink!  I haven't been.  Not once.  The Wrangler has been all loaded with my gear since May and here it is July!!!  June was such a terribly wet month here, raining nearly every day.  Now the heat and humidity has been attacking us and I dislike it immensely.  I guess if I really wanted to push myself, I could tolerate it.  I know the lake will still be there...it will wait for me.  The question is:


You see, the weather hasn't been my only problem.  My main obstacle right now is sheer stupidity!  

It all began at the funeral when my BIL gave me a BIG HUG AND SQUEEZE.  Hearing something "pop" then taking a step back from each other, Phillip said, "JP, did you hear something pop?"  Looking into his eyes we both agreed.  He heard it too.  However, it was readily dismissed as unimportant. 

 Nursing it for a few days I thought it was not a big deal.  Two days later, like a dummy, I went to the gym and went through my normal workout thinking my routine would work out the kinks and alleviate the pain and discomfort.  WRONG!

 That afternoon after the gym, I helped drag branches to the eight foot high burn pile.  Lifting the branches up and onto the pile, I again felt pain.  This time it was kickin'!  By Wednesday morning I regretted my tenacity, stubbornness and hardheadedness.

Scanning my pass key in at the gym on Wednesday, I decided that this time I'd consult Beth, one of the best fitness advisers that work there.  She is wonderful!  She is personable, friendly and knows her stuff!
"I think I injured my pec muscle.  What should I avoid?"

Stepping out from behind the front desk, she walked over to a nearby wall and showed me how to do a nice easy pec stretch.  Then came the not so good news when I asked about doing the resistance machines for my upper body.  I kept hearing, "No, stay off that one" or "reduce the weights."

Well, it seems that the machine for lats...hurt.
The rowing machine...hurt.
The pec machine...killed.
The bicep machine and reducing weight to 30 lbs...tolerable.
The tricep machine...reducing weight to 30 lbs...tolerable. 
The chest press, even reducing the weight...forget it!
The shoulder press, reducing the weight...YIKES!
One of the ab machines...holy moose~poops!
Lower back machine...good.
Leg press...good.
Leg curls...good.
Elliptical...bumped up incline but no use of arms...tolerable until heavy breathing set in and I knew I was done!  

Considering nearly half of my workout was devoted to upper body, I was out of the gym in record time and home, ready to pop an Aleve.  In speaking with a fellow exerciser, he told me that sometimes an injury can take up to two weeks to heal!!  

Two weeks?


TexWisGirl said…
if it is only 2 weeks, you'll be lucky...
Ann said…
I've been guilty of pushing myself when I knew I shouldn't. Hope the two weeks goes by quick for you and your back in shape again
Patience is much needed here, JP, and staying off those machines for awhile...they will still be there.
Mimsie said…
Give yourself time to heal. Soft tissue injuries can take quite a while to come right. Dislocated shoulder....doctor put it back in no problem. Tendons, muscles etc., took much longer to come good so take it easy. Your body will tell you when it's time to do all the hard stuff.

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