Danke Shane

Looking at the long range forecast, I am planning on heading to Newport to hit the beach with my daughter one day next week. Since I have no Tai Chi the entire month of August, that frees up two nights a week with no rush to get home. Hmmmm....I feel a sense of exploration coming on and since the Pres is now hunting a few times a week, I may just have to satisfy my curiosity. Looks like I'll be exploring a few places here in our neck of the woods.  I've always wanted to head North so North it is.

Placing two water bottles and a nice green juicy looking apple in my bag along with my camera, I set the alarm on the house was off. 

 Curiosity got the best of me when I saw these signs and just had to stop. I was glad I did because I met the sweetest couple and their two year old German Shepherd, Fraulein, who was more than willing to pose for me on her couch.  Fraulein took to me like a long, lost friend, listening attentively.  Her Mom, Jean, was really surprised since she said that the dog typically doesn't go to strangers.  "She knows you have a good heart," said Jean.

 So, to my new friends...Jean, her hubby and Fraulein...I say Danke Shane!

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Mimsie said…
That For Sale sign would have intrigued me too and what a beautiful new canine friend you met up with. She is truly gorgeous and looks so gentle too.
Thanks for sharing. x
Anonymous said…
What WAS that thing they had for sale..it looks like something out of Star Wars.
bj said…
What a beautiful dog...
I just linked to follow you....:)
Anonymous said…
I will take the beautiful dog below.

Thank oyu.
It's always fun to meet and make new friends, two and four legged!! :-)

Now that is a beautiful dog!
Mary said…
Fraulein is gorgeous! Buck would think she's a beauty. :)
gld said…
German Shepherds are the most beautiful dogs!

What is that thing for sale?
Anonymous said…
Delightful post and excellent photos ~ glad you have having a fun road trip north ~ happy weekend, carol, xo

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