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The smell of chocolate permeated the air in the kitchen even though all the windows were wide open.  It was such a sunny, balmy day that it seemed like the perfect time to make Alyssa's cupcakes.  And gosh, they smelled great!

Hmmm...Alyssa is the manager of the gym I go to and we decided to celebrate her promotion.  We had a little farewell bash for her last week.  Yep, I made some cupcakes...chocolate, filled with peanut butter and topped with chocolate and peanut butter icing.  They came out cute, don't you think?

When I finished them the night before, it killed me not to go to the frig and take one out of the container.  But I didn't...I was good.

A few hugs exchanged, some great smiles and although I'm going to miss her smile at the gym I go to, she will still be located here in the state!!  We've made plans to do lunch and shop...:) and over the time I've known her, we discovered we have a few things in common...German Short Haired Pointers, ex-husbands and of course, CUPCAKES!!!!

Oh, one more thing. 
 She loved the cupcakes although I have no idea with the shape she has how she could eat cupcakes and look so wonderful!!!

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gld said…
The cupcakes looks scrumptious! I am wondering how you filled them....

I would have had to sample one.
TexWisGirl said…
you are sweet to everyone you meet.
How thoughtful--The cup cakes looks delicious and I'm glad you've made plans to get together again!
simply bev said…
The cupcakes look yummy! What a treat!
Ann said…
what a sweet sendoff you gave her
Chatty Crone said…
I love chocolate cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
SO deliciously fab!

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