Random Friday~For the Birds

1. I am glad we put up a screen house. Sitting in it most evenings until dark protects us from the outrageous number of mosquitoes flying around searching for food. A few weeks ago when the humid weather had engulfed us for days, the Pres and I listened to the eagles going on and on for over a half hour.

2. Sometimes the Pres comes up with a good one. It was then that the Pres suggested that I try going in at dusk to see if I could catch some activity. "I'll be eaten alive, honey!" I said quickly watching the mosquito buzzing around the outside of the screen.  You see, I have this thing about bugs.

3. The Pres has quite a collection of hunting attire...things that he's acquired over years and years of hunting. He went on, "I just remembered I have a hat you can wear. I used it for turkey hunting. The eagles won't even see you and the bugs can't get you either." Now, all he had to do was remember where he'd stashed it. I became more curious and couldn't wait to see what he had for me because I love surprises!

4. When we came in after I'd cleaned up the kitchen, he came up behind me while I was facing the sink and placed something on my head. Feeling him fastening the back, he then said, "There you go. You're all set. Go look in the mirror. I can't even see your face!"

5. He was right. Can you?

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Hey JP, you are rady to fend off those skeeters and nearby any other bug it seems, but how can you see to take photos?
E. Beth. said…
i have the giggles over that shot. ha. ha!! ( :

how do folks go hunting when they look so silly?? where's your blaze orange?
Mary said…
I cannot say what my first thought was... but it cracked me up.

Anyways -- you look ready for damn near anything. Action Jackson ain't got nothin' on you JP. :)
I cant stop laughing.. This is hilarious .. Oh.gosh.. no Icant see your face..
you would be sure well protected.. ha ha ha ..
great one JP: The Pres was pretty quick there. ):-
val x
You will be well protected against bugs--and you'll scare off anything else! :-) This gave me my big smile for the day.
Ann said…
That's perfect and nope can't see your face
Nancy said…
What a fun read...love you all dressed up in your hubby's hunting gear....
Ha! So I guess that get-up worked well?
Mary said…
Nope! Can't see your face even a tiny bit. lol. That's quite a hat. I would definitely want something like that to protect me from mosquitoes. I have a THING about bugs too. Blech.

You look like you're having fun too!
Lynn said…
you look like you'd scare any mosquitoes away, too funny!

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