The Young Doctor

Last week, even though I had freshly dried sheets to put on the bed, I decided to call my son and go over for a visit.  Since it takes me an hour and a half to get there, I just dropped everything, left it right where it was and hit the road.  After all, I'm retired.  The sheets will be here when I get home!  Besides, a visit with my son and grand daughter seemed like much more fun than putting fresh sheets on the bed!

When I arrived, Mia asked me if I wanted to play in the den so off we went as my son tailed behind telling her the he, too, wanted to visit with Nana.  She decided that we would play doctor.  Guess who was the patient?  Explaining to me that I had to sit on the floor which was her pretend waiting room and wait for her to "call me in," I left the comfy couch and sat Indian style on the floor, waiting for the doctor's arrival.

After a short quick jaunt down the hallway and back again she bounced
through the doorway with a huge friendly smile.  Greeting me with a "Hi, how are you today?" and getting right to the point, she asked me what was wrong.  Think fast, I told myself as the story unfolded.

I told the doctor that I'd twisted my ankle because I'd tripped in a hole in the yard and that it was sore and swollen.  To my surprise (and to my son's) as I talked she took out a piece of paper and marker and began writing, saying, "Here, let me put this on your chart so we'll have it for next time."  Continuing to write as I detailed what happened, she looked up and smiled and said, "Now this is not going to hurt.  I'm going to wrap your ankle and when you get home, I want you to put some ice on it.  OK?  Be sure you do as I tell you so it will get better faster and I'll see you in a week." Gosh...the imagination on a four year old! 

Oh, one more thing.  Just so I have it for my records, she gave me my "chart" when I left that afternoon.  I think it says I have to come back in a week!  Can any of you decipher the "doctor's" handwriting?


Anonymous said…
Looks about as easy to read as the hubs last prescription. This child has potential.
MadSnapper said…
this is priceless
TexWisGirl said…
oh, she's a natural! with a great 'bed-side' manner!
Anonymous said…
oh love it. She is priceless. If it is in Latin why worry. Lets believe it was in Latin script.

The Pharmist will figure it out.

I like your Doctor.

If my doc retires. I will call yours.

Oh how did you make out with your sheets girl?

Did you get them off the line. Talking about line. I better go check mine.Thanks for the reminder.

I wish all doctors were as sweet and friendly as your doctor! That's great work for a 4 year old. :-)
Inger said…
How sweet, doctor Mia knew exactly what to do for a swollen ankle. You are so blessed to have her in your life.
MorningAJ said…
She's made to be a doctor!
Ann said…
I think she would make a great doctor and she certainly has a great bed side manner
Nancy said…
Did you have to pay?

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