Three for Two

Monday when the Pres went grocery shopping he called to ask if  would like to eat something different for supper that night.  When he walked in the door and I helped him put groceries away, I couldn't help but notice the bag.  Hmmmmm....looked like something special and smelled very fishy.  Reaching under the cabinet for the tall stainless pot and fill it with water, I knew what we were in for.  I was surprised that he bought three though.

  Reminding him that we had leftover cauliflower and zucchini in the frig, we decided that those would make great sides...them and a baked potato, of course.

It's not often that we indulge in meals like this but it was so worth it!!  The atmosphere was perfect too.  Out on the deck in our screened house, we enjoyed each and every bite!


Not a big lobster fan, JP, but your meal look wonderful and dinner outdoors, even better.
Ann said…
The only time we have lobster is if we're out. Sounds like you two had a good evening
Anonymous said…
Not a big fan of the water bugs myself but I'm glad you enjoyed your special dinner.
MorningAJ said…
I love lobster - but they are so expensive over here and usually have been frozen, so they just don't taste good.

Some of the best lobster I ever ate was in Boston (Mass.) about 20 years ago in a café by the market at Faneuil Hall.

Nothing since has really lived up to that memory - but yours look like they would have done. I'm glad you enjoyed your meal.
gld said…
I have never tasted lobster....we are in the middle of the US so our seafood is shipped or trucked in. I am not a big fan but our son tells us that we have never tasted really fresh seafood. That would make all the difference he says.

It sound good but I will have to take your word for it!
Inger said…
I love a husband who knows how to pick good food.
Mimsie said…
We in Australia call them crayfish and of course they are harvested from the ocean here in Western Australia. They were once very cheap to buy but beyond our means now at anything up to $15 each. Too dear for a couple of pensioners and the crays seem smaller now so you'd need two for two people.
Thanks for sharing your lovely meal. I am enjoying it along with you. : )

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