Barn Charm #58

Doesn't this one look like a person with his mouth wide open and perhaps even winking?  Or do you think I just have an overactive imagination?

Sharing another find here in Connecticut with you and those at


TexWisGirl said…
nope, i saw a barn jackolantern right away. :)
Ann said…
Yep, two eyes and one big mouth, plain as day
diane said…
Nope, I see it too!!!!
We're on the same wavelength, I see it too.

And I want to thank-you for your comment and encouraging words on my blog about Sunny. Your experience with your boy Copper has given me hope where there doesn't appear to be much. This is a lonely and sad time, but knowing that there are those like you have gone through a similar experience, truly makes a difference. Thank-you for that, it really means a lot.
MadSnapper said…
to funny, it IS a snaggled tooth, winking barn... who knew?

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