Bear Lake

The day before my sister's surgery, we were trying to keep busy which helped us decide to go to Bear Lake.  Not too far from the house, Sis suggested that we take Annie, her 5 1/2 month old Lab mix with us to burn off some energy.  Off we went.  

Annie & her mom, Cocoa

Hmmm, Bear Lake sounds like a lovely place, I thought as Sis drove further and further.  Pulling into the entrance, tall pines surrounded us and I knew it would be fun.  Annie didn't disappoint.  She ran and sniffed up as many sniffs as she could get while on the extended leash.  She's not a bad dog.  She is just a puppy, I kept telling my sister.

Meanwhile as Sis and I walked the paths with Annie, my sister gave me implicit instructions for the day and night (s) should would be at the hospital.  Sis and I are both Capricorns.  I made the decision before leaving home that I would do as she pleased.  She had it all I would drive her car back to the house and be with Annie overnight and until Sis could be discharged.

What Sis didn't tell me was that at Bear Lake, there are ALLIGATORS!!!!


TexWisGirl said…
uh oh. hope annie stayed safe!
Anonymous said…
Ann said…
Annie is such a pretty girl. Reminds me of the chocolate labs I used to have.
So did you see any of those alligators?
Unknown said…
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Nancy C said…
A good way to take one's mind off of other more concerning things... Love the pups!
Yes, there are alligators at Bear Lake and probably over at Krul and Hurricane, too, although they'd likely be removed from Krul because its a swimming hole!

There's a great path between Bear Lake and Krul Lake that is wonderful when the weather is decent. Can be hot as blazes in our summers. Wonderful place to bird watch.
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