Just Lucky, I Guess

Trying so hard to get her mom's dog dish through the dogie door, Annie finally just sat on the rug she destroyed the day my sister was in surgery.

Oh, that's right, I haven't told you that yet.

We'd left at 5:30 in the morning, closing the door behind us, my sister telling Annie "be a good girl."  That night, I arrived back at my sister's house around 7:30 pm.  Making the one and one half hour drive from the cancer institute back to my sister's house, my mind drifted.  That's a long time for a puppy to be left alone, I thought.  

Walking in, Annie was overjoyed to see me and savored every stroke and word as I prepared her supper.  Picking up the shredded pieces of foam she'd scattered around the slider entrance and cutting the strings and threads off from the throw rug, I couldn't help but think

I'm lucky that's all she ate!


TexWisGirl said…
poor frantic girl! :(
I think that every day! But I'm glad she was okay, and I hope your sister is doing well too...
Anonymous said…
What a dear sweet pup.
Jeanne said…
Puppies can do alot of damage can't they. I hope that your sister is doing ok! Rugs can be replaced.
I have 5 dogs, and have had dogs all my life.
When someone is sick that is close to them. They know it. They become anxious.
He was missing his mummy , poor fellow.
I hope that your sister is a little better and comfortable.
Glad that you are there JP.
val xxx
Ann said…
If a rug was all she destroyed then she was a very good pup all day long. I can just picture how excited she was to see you when you got back that day
MadSnapper said…
poor baby girl... and then her door was blocked to. yes you are lucky that is all she did.
Anonymous said…
Hope all goes well with your sister.
Mary said…
She was a good girl then. :)
Annie did not want to be alone either and it showed by her actions. Glad she and your sister are both fine and together once again, JP.

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