Random 5 Friday - Home at Last

I am home...back in CT and will never be able to catch up on all the posts I missed.   

It sure feels good to be home...really good!!

Although the Pres and I talked daily, we had a lot to catch up on...:)

When I snuck out early that morning in the dark, I didn't want to wake him, I simply left a note that said..."I love you...don't change the locks while I'm gone.  You're going to miss me!"  Come to find out, I missed him as much as he missed me...:) and he didn't change the locks!

I have a lot of info that I want to share but cannot...not yet. However, what I can tell you is that according to the doctor...the surgery went well.   My sister did great. He got all the cancer. We'll have to wait for the pathology report to determine the staging which will determine treatment. My sister came through it like a trooper and promised me she would behave herself, which is why I returned home.  Talking to her daily as always, she cannot yet drive, although that should happen soon if she continues to be a good girl and do what the doctor says.

It's good to be back and share with you and

P.S.  One more thing.  Nancy, I would thoroughly enjoy coming for coffee!


SO glad that your sis did well. Hopefully she will have smooth healing.
TexWisGirl said…
glad your sis did well! fingers crossed it continues!
Anonymous said…
Glad it went well....fingers crossed for the results.
Nancy C said…
Keep us posted -- one step at a time I know. xo
Anonymous said…
Always love hearing good news! Amazing how spouses miss one another when apart... xox
Ann said…
So glad to hear that your sister went through the surgery well. Also glad to hear that the Pres didn't change the locks on you...lol
diane said…
Keeping my fingers crossed for your sister!
Hey, I live in Connecticut too!

hula-la said…
Sending you all good healing vibes for your sister! CT in the fall time is fabulous. Ever take the Essex steam train and river boat cruise in the fall? Worth the trip! Welcome home and TGIF! Aloha
E. Beth. said…
love is grand. that is so special. ( :
Mimsie said…
Great news about your sister and hope all will continue to be well with her. She is so fortunate in having you for a sister. x
Latane Barton said…
So happy that your sister is doing well. Wishes for a continued progress.

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