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Once back home, unlike those in Florida, mornings were brisk and refreshing bringing sunny afternoons, making me want to just be outside all day. Being in Florida while keeping Sis company even more fell into perspective.

I wonder why we don't see what matters most when we're younger. We get caught up in living our lives...raising our children, caring for those we love and trying to make a decent living...that we sometimes miss the "big picture."

I don't know about you, but focusing on your immediate loved ones and yourself was the priority when I was actively raising my children. Seeing them walk in my shoes I see their struggles as well as their joys. I have learned that smooth seas do not make strong sailors and it's those uphill battles that make us who we are!

I wonder what the future holds for my you...for us...for my sister. When I went outside on the morning of September 5th, the silence was deafening. The eagles were quiet. There was no chatter, no chirping.  

 It was the day I found out that my sister has stage three cancer and must have chemo. I cannot imagine how or what she feels.  September 5th was a sad day for my sister and I.

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gld said…
I just shuddered when I read this...I am so sorry about your Sis. My Sis and I have discussed this very thing and we both would be lost without each other.

WE just keep on keeping on; that is all we can do.

Anonymous said…
My heart aches for both your Sister and for you- prayers are being said for both of you.

My Sister and I were extremely close for 69 years. When she passed away 10 months ago I was devastated.

Have as many happy moments together as possible- it helps.
Anonymous said…
Positive thoughts headed her way.
Dear JP:
I have goosepimples just reading this sad post. I feel your sadness and confusion. What a terrible thing to happen to your dear sister.
My heart is with you and I will keep you and your sister in my prayers.
I wonder if god transmits some signal or other to us! I was only talking this morning with a friend ..much younger than me. I was saying how fast life goes by and we really dont have time to see the bigger picture when we are bringing up our children.. and young happy carefree days, and here you write this.! Then all of a sudden bones start to hurt and we see wrinkles and so on. Life is so short. God bless and stay strong for your sister.
with love val x x xx x
Anonymous said…
Hope for the best... hope for chemo to be the answer and what takes her cancer away. xox Sisters are just special... a best friend from birth.
TexWisGirl said…
i am sorry for that diagnosis. bless her.
diane said…
I am so sorry to hear about your sister's illness ....
One of my sisters was diagnosed with cancer in September 1995 ... I remember the day vividly.
I will send positive vibes your way.
Nancy C said…
I'm sorry to hear of your sister's diagnosis, JP -- all you, she, we can do is hope for the absolute best outcome after the chemo. My mom has survived breast and colon cancer -- and there are many other great stories of similar recovery. Will keep you in my thoughts. xo
LisaS said…
I tend to believe we see what is important and what we can cope with at the time...

sorry for your sister ;)
Mimsie said…
i feel so for your dear sister and you who love her so much.
We cope with anything that comes our way and learn from our experience. It is after the event that we have time to sit back and ponder about it all and usually feel stronger because we have coped.
Chatty Crone said…
Oh JP I am so very very very sorry. But hopefully she can make it - she has some great support! sandie
Anonymous said…
Life's challenges are difficult but sounds like you have a lot of support here..God bless you and yours..

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