Random Friday

Sitting on the deck, watching the Pres do his crossword puzzle, I continued to tell him how Sis did with her first chemo last week. She did well...very well...both the day she received the chemo and the day day after.  However, as told by the nurse during orientation, once that 72 hour window opened, she might have it rough for several days.  And she did.

Looking up after hearing the all too familiar cry, the young eagles soared above the tree line, looping back over the trees with just a tilt of their massive dark wings. The young ones, now nearing six months old, have learned to maneuver quite well. I've seen them fly from limb to limb in the thick woods as if there was nothing in front of them. Life needs to be lived like that.

Realizing how short life is, it's time for me to think about what I can do for others and help them accomplish.  I must accept those things I cannot change.

A brisk breeze surrounds us as we sit and enjoy the afternoon together with Moon and Copper at our feet. The stale aroma of skunk still lingers and seems to follow Copper although it's been over a week since he just had to get a little closer to that black and white waddling creature!

The Pres has been working for a friend of his five days a week. He seems to be enjoying it however, since he's not used to working, he comes home pooped and with a few sore joints.  

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Random Friday


TexWisGirl said…
glad your sis is managing as best as she can.

the skunk aroma made me smile. have that often, here. :)
MadSnapper said…
I just love these type moments.. I hope Sis days get better not worse
Anonymous said…
will the eagles migrate
I hope your sister feels better soon- I know the treatments are rough. Sorry about that skunk..that smell does linger, doesn't it!
gld said…
When our Granddaughter visited with her friend, they got sprayed! Got too close with the ATV and it got them good. They walked into the kitchen to tell me.....I ran them out very quickly...Their boots were still smelling when they left for home.

We all need to appreciate the good times and be there for others when they need us.
E. Beth. said…
i love doing for others - always wish i could do more ... if only?! ( :
Ann said…
sending special thoughts for your sister.
Hope Copper is smelling better soon too....lol
Karen Lakis said…
Oh my, dogs and skunks... It must be fascinating to watch the eagles grow! I wish your sister well.
JP, add our good wishes to everyone's that your sister feels better. Pat's aunt is going through similar treatment and radiation is next. And, yes times like this make us think more of doing for others as well. Time and life are both so precious.

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